Monday, June 19, 2017

March Madness of a Non-Basket Ball Sort

At 13 weeks I had an ultrasound of our little peanut. I guess that's normal now - one around 12 weeks and then the bigger one at 20 weeks.  I'm not complaining. It's always amazing getting to see baby's progress. 

And besides! It provided a good picture/way for us to tell our families. I took a snapshot of the ultrasound picture and sent it first to the grandparents and then to the rest of the family saying, "Hi (Grandma and Grandpa/Family). I can't wait to meet you in September!" We are very excited!

March brought the return of soccer season. At this point, soccer really isn't Pierscen's strong point, though who knows. He had fun, though he mostly just ran around the field charging after players with his arm out like a knight jousting. I'm not for locking a child down in any one thing too early anyway. If he wants to do it again, okay. If not, we will try something else. 

Loved this picture of Devry walking her baby in the backyard with my high heels. Such a lady! She can walk in those things much better than I can. 

Spring here is brutal for allergies. This poor girl had her eyes nearly swollen shut for a few days before we finally got a handle on it. Just got to find the right thing for the right child. 

One day Ryan came home with a Lego set from work. They had purchased it for a team building exercise and when they were done, they gave it to Ryan because he is I think only one of two people in the office that has young kids. It has a ton of different pieces for different projects, but he was all game for this train. It was really fun to see him figure it out. He really hasn't taken much interest in Legos up to this point, so I really enjoyed watching his brain work. He did 98% of it on his own.

We finally renewed our zoo/garden pass! It expired in November and with the "colder" weather we just didn't bother to renew it until Spring. We had a great first visit back. In fact, we saw a few things we had not seen before...

Like the polar bear feeding! They tossed fish from the upper level into the water and the bears would cannon ball in to get them. It was really fun to watch!

The day ended with rootbeer floats in the backyard. It was a pretty perfect day. 

Here's a picture of the t-ball injury healing process...

As a family we took advantage of the beautiful weather to go on Sunday walks down in the Bosque. Some weeks were more successful with Devry than others. ;)

We also had our first hot dog/s'more roast on the side of our house. The kids absolutely loved it and this sparked some ideas in my brain for future use of this area... (more on that in the months to come.)

Pierscen's preschool had a fun St. Patrick's Day fieldtrip at A Park Above. The kids all made leprechaun traps and after playing and eating lunch/snacks, they put their traps out in a field and then went to the other side of the park for a while to see what happened. 

Apparently leprechauns really like shiny things. The more you have, the better the chance of catching one. 

Unfortunately none of the kids caught one, but the leprechaun visited all the traps and left them small pots of green gold. Pierscen was quite weirded out back the fact that it was green and not yellow, but the most important part was the same - the chocolate was delicious. :)

Sunny days mean picnics in the backyard, dehydrated apples, and backyard projects. 

Devry proclaimed herself "Apple Face" and Pierscen helped me put down pavers leading to the sandpit area. 

The kids and I explored yet another petroglyph area one morning. There are lots of different hikes around here with different petroglyphs to find, so we decided to try out a new one. This one was much smaller than the other one we have done with family, but it's a bit more intense. At least in regards to hiking alone because this one has a ton of stairs and steep areas that were kind of scary with an extremely tired, independent two-year-old that simply would not be held! But we had fun exploring and that was the important part. 

We had another fun trip to the zoo with friends. 

The fun thing we saw this time was the baby elephant playing in the waterfall. This is a horrible picture and I might as well delete it, but you can spot the elephant tucked into the corner. She was very fun to watch. 

One morning we went to the balloon museum for story time only to find that it was "Family Fun Day" or something like that. It cost a few dollars to get in, but thankfully I had decided to bring a little cash "just in case" which seemed really bizarre to me at the time because there is typically zero reason to bring any. I am grateful for the promptings of the Holy Ghost! Anyway, there was lots of fun random things for the kids to do including crafts, bubbles, chalk, sports, etc. The only picture I took was of this butterfly exhibit they had upstairs where the kids were able to go in a tent a few at a time and dip q-tips in gatorade and feed the butterflies. It was pretty neat!

We also attended the free balloon ride day as a family, but it was so windy that none of the balloons made it off the ground. It was also freezing. But hey. Memories! Haha

Random fun at Pierscen's soccer game...

15.5 weeks and feeling pretty good. :)

Pierscen the hairstylist... 

More family walk adventures... this was about 1/2 mile in and Pierscen was absolutely sure we has going to die. Haha. Good times. 

And lastly, P and D singing happy birthday to Oma. It captures both of their personalities so well I had to include it. We love these crazy critters. 

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