Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's ALWAYS the Head

We've always joked that if Pierscen is going to get hurt - it's always going to be his head. It's just a magnet for injury. Well, he proved us right once again. 

We were watching our friend's kids one evening and I had taken Devry upstairs to get her in the tub. Shortly thereafter I heard crying - the blood curdling injury kind, followed by a lot of yelling and screaming. The other kids came running into the house yelling that Pierscen was bleeding really bad. I came to the stairs and looked down at the doorway where Pierscen stood, sobbing hysterically with blood pooling down his face. 

Here we go again. My only moment of indecision was which child to take care of first. Pierscen was in bad shape, but I couldn't leave Devry alone in the tub. I was less fearful of her drowning, and more worried that she would climb out (which she does all the time) and slip and end up with a horrible injury herself. Thankfully, for the first time, Ryan happened to be home. Hooray! He ran to Pierscen and started the inital triage while I took care of Devry. And yes - in the time it took me to walk to the stairs, Devry had already climbed out of the tub. Oi. 

Ryan took P into the half bath and put him over the sink so we could get it cleaned up and assess the damage. Apparently what happened was that the kids were playing t-ball. His friend was up to bat. P said it was his turn and started to step up to bat, but his friend wanted one more swing. Bat+head=gusher. It was just a very unfortunate accident. No one's fault and no blame. Just a bummer. 

Devry was very worried about her poor brother. She was so sad for him. The other kids were really great to play with him too (they brought down toys from upstairs to distract him. 

There was no question about it. It was a nasty gash. Before it was even cleaned up I knew it was going to need stitches. It was just a matter of where and when. This was on a Saturday night. His doctor does have a couple of offices that are open late for emergencies. Of all the head wounds he has had, I felt like this might be the first time he might actually be able to go to the doctor vs ER. Sure enough, they said they would take him. Then we just needed to decide who would take him and how soon we would leave. I said we could just wait for our friends to get back and take him myself, but Ryan was acting kind of funny about it. Finally he said, 

"Why do you always get to take him in?"

I didn't even know how to respond except to laugh. Really? That's what this was about? The fact that I always have to take him to get stitches? Um... well, because he is always busy! So sure, bud. You can take him in. I was just concerned because Ryan was working on his final - so it wasn't exactly a great time. But hey - injuries are never convenient, right? At least he was home this time! That was a miracle. 

So off they went. Shortly thereafter our friends came to pick up the kiddos. They felt really awful about the whole situation, though like I said, it wasn't really anyone's fault. It could have been so SO much worse! An eye, a nose, the mouth... Yikes. I'll take more stitches. 

P was originally a mess talking about going into the doctor because he didn't want to get another numbing shot. (But that's largely in part because the last time when he cut his lip they never got it completely numb and he could feel the stitches. So I don't blame him). However, Ryan sent me these pictures and said he was a total champ. He wanted to help hold the basin. And they were really wise about it and actually kind of irrigated the area with the numbing stuff first before they did any shots. Brilliant. 

During the stitches Pierscen legitimately fell asleep. At first they were a bit concerned by this - you know, baseball bat to the head might mean a concussion, but really it was just way past bedtime+long/fun day+lots and lot of tears. He was plain and simple super tired. He came away with 5 more stitches, which I think puts him somewhere around 21 between the four face wounds he has had so far. 

He was a total champ. I am proud of this kid. It's a shame he keeps getting these wounds on his forehead, but we are thankful that he has been protected during each other. They all could have been so much worse. 

This was Devry the next day. She had some really bad allergies and that's why her eyes are all swollen, but she wanted to be just like brother. Only instead of a bandaid, it's the sticker from the diaper wipes. Haha!

There's progress a few days later. Looking pretty good! 

Ryan took out the stitches himself. It has healed really well. It's still pretty pink (even a few months later as you will see in other pictures) but I know it will fade eventually. Love this boy so much. Wish I could wrap him in bubble wrap though. 

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