Tuesday, January 9, 2018

4 weeks

4 weeks old! When you can't decide on which pictures to post, you post pretty much all of them.

Getting creative with Devry's hair. this one was a major victory for me because she couldn't figure out how to get it out! Haha! It lasted the entire day!

Shower time. The first couple of baths were not enjoyed, but it seems we have finally found our stride. 

Devry's spirit animal. ;)

Now this. This is worth reporting! Darren is a sweet baby. But he really loves to be involved, aka, he wants to be held. He doesn't like being alone. Both Pierscen and Devry could spend a good amount of time laying on the playmat or in their bouncer and be just fine. Darren, not so much. So I went to the second hand kids place and purchased a swing. We've never owned one. I'm just super weird and always worried that my kids would become reliant on it or something. But I didn't even care. Darren is a tiny baby, but it's still exhausting to have to hold him all the time. 

This swing saved our lives. No joke. Hands down the best purchase I have made. Totally worth it!!! He can stay in that thing forever and be perfectly content. 

Cookie making with this beauty. (By the way, these cookies were so dang good. Funny enough, I made them three separate times and it wasn't until the 3rd round that I realized I had read the recipe wrong and actually included HALF the butter. Honestly, I liked them better the "wrong" way. Kind of interesting.)

Another second hand store purchase. Baby skeleton!!! 

Doesn't get much better than matching bow-tie wearing skeleton boys. Sure love this kids!

Monday, January 8, 2018

3 Weeks, Discoveries, and Outings

Precious baby turned 3 weeks. Although I wish I wasn't so far behind, seeing these pictures makes me smile because Darren is wearing that same onesie today and the difference is amazing. Look at those adorable twig legs! It drowns him! Now it fits him perfectly. :)

I don't remember if Devry did this, but both of my boys loved to wiggle down into the blanket so only a tiny bit of their head is showing. Snug as a bug in a rug. 

Week 3 I started making little outings with Devry. I would have preferred to stay in forever with a tiny baby, but the weather was good and Devry needed some out of the house time. 

We did little things like go to the pet store and introduce toy turtles to real turtles. It was pretty adorable. 

Okay, so I had this idea to do a comparison picture of Darren and Pierscen wearing the same thing, sitting in front of the same book shelf around the same age. I remember thinking the pictures I had of Pierscen this way were just so adorable. And then I found them and realized the lighting was horrible. Lucky for me, I have a wonderful friend named Amanda (who took Darren's hospital pictures) who was able to Photoshop Pierscen's pictures to lighten them up. 

That being said... Darren thought the idea was downright goofy. I could not stop laughing about these faces!!!

Bahahahaha! He would NOT put his legs through, so he totally looks like he is trying to poop! I did take some more of these pictures several weeks later, but I'll post those later. It's amazing how much they change in such a short time. 

Here are Pierscen's photos. What do you think?

While at the second hand kid store looking for Halloween costumes, I found this Princess dress. It looks very similar to Rapunzel, though I don't think it technically is. I had been looking for a Belle costume, but this was $4 and whether she wore it for Halloween or not, why not? She LOVED it. Wore it everywhere for days and days. I love my princess!

This week we made the most fantastic discovery: The Corrales Library. I had heard a lot of great things about it, but had never made it down there. It's the same distance as the other one we usually go to, so we finally made the effort. And wow! It's a small library, but it is magic. It's like walking into another world - a total oasis.  

It is hands down my favorite library now. Now that I think about it - I haven't been to the other one since!

End of the week rolled around and it was conference. I love Darren's pondering face.

Saturday afternoon:

Ryan found a booster seat skinny enough to fit between the other two seats. Hallelujah! That means we have our trunk space still! Which is totally vital if you are going to go for a family walk between Conference sessions. It was so nice to be able to get out and spend time as a family.

Last thing for that week was finding a tomato worm on the wall across the street. Pierscen brought him home under strict instructions not to loose him because that thing could destroy our garden. When Ryan got home, Devry picked up the jar to show him. The worm moved, which totally freaked Devry out, and she hucked the jar. Bahaha. I can't say I blame her. Glass was cleaned up and the worm was moved to a plastic jar, unscathed, where he lived a few days and then died. Sorry worm. Though I imagine you were near the end of your life anyway.