Monday, July 9, 2018

Smiles, Dances, and Bows Galore

Smiles, smiles, and more smiles:

One of my favorite things is watching daddy and Devry dance together. He is such an amazing father. I am so lucky to call him mine!

Group effort in the bath. The older two love having him in the tub with them!

Pierscen got Devry all ready for church one Sunday. I think he has a promising career, don't you?

Seriously, the happiest baby in the world!

And... I just really like where we live! I think the hot air balloons are magical. They never cease to amaze me. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Glasses, Diapers, Hats, and Fun

We found some play glasses in the Primary closet while we were cleaning it out and they were donated to my children. They discovered them during Stake Conference. Good times. 

I personally think Pierscen looks quite handsome!

Darren started maneuvering his legs up and over the play bar to face the other direction.

Story telling:

Ryan saw a post on Facebook Marketplace advertising Huggies Diapers for only a few dollars a bag. Needless to say... I bought a lot. It's like food storage, right?

A lot of fun was had with these diapers!

Documenting baby taking a bottle from mommy is a super big deal! I am not able to nurse very long and getting baby to take the bottle from me is always a challenge. So grateful he didn't fight me on it for months. It took a while, don't get me wrong. He actually had a hard time getting the bottle down period. But at least it wasn't just a fight because it was me. 

For the 100th day of school, they were to make a 100 day hat - a hat with 100 thing on it. Holy mess Batman! But they had fun. They, of course, meaning Devry had to make one too. And then she had to sport it at the 100 day parade at school. :)

Lots of fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Devry-Doodle Starts School

At the first of the year one of my friends asked if we would be interested in doing a joy school for the last few months of the school year. Just one day a week for a couple hours and we each rotate teaching. I was a little nervous about teaching (which is silly, because teaching kids is something I feel pretty decent at) but we agreed and jumped in. For Devry's first day she packed her own backpack with the essentials: Dodger's toy tire, a garage opener, and Diesel the train. Hahaha!

Can you tell she was excited? She had a bit of a hard time when I went to leave, but I was able to calm her down and once she jumped in, she was just fine. 

Look how cute! They made a cow out of squares! And... my friend did not know this, but Devry loves all things Lightning McQueen. That little red thing in her hand was a Lightning McQueen ruler snap bracelet. You could say she was pleased with how things went. I'm proud of this little girl and how hard she is trying. 

Pierscen also started piano lessons with his mama bear. He has done really well! (Though I am realizing as I'm typing this that we haven't done any lessons in a few months. Oops. Better get back into it!)