Sunday, November 5, 2017

Farewell and Welcome

Sunday morning arrived far too soon and it was time for my mom to go. :( We are so grateful for her willingness to come and help. Thank you mom!

And this picture below shows just how difficult saying goodbye is. These kids love their Grandma!

We had a little bit of down time with just me and the kids before someone came to pick them up for church. 

These pjs were Ryan's favorite from when Pierscen was tiny. I had to get the monkey bum shot! 

Happy baby milk coma.

That night I gave Darren his first bath. He hated it. Haha!

Monday was the first day I had to survive by myself (mostly). Ryan had to go to work, so it was back to normal life as much as I could. Ryan came home early to work from home so he could get P from the bus stop and such, but he ended up having meetings anyway. Oh well. It was a nice thought. 

Baby D lovin' on Dodger:

Some of his many facial expressions:

Late Monday evening Ryan's parents arrived. Here they are meeting the little man for the first time:

I consider myself immensley blessed to have both my mom and my in laws come to help. C-sections are hard recoveries. My family is truly wonderful to come and be with us!

Home At Last

Friday morning arrived at last. I had a good breakfast and waited for someone to come remove my staples. 

When they did come, there was some concern as to whether the incision was ready. This was a bit disappointing because that was the main reason I had stayed an extra day. But after getting a second opinion, they decided it was just fine. Actually removing them was another matter. They are supposed to just come right out with very little pain. Not the case with 3/4 of them. It sounds like a bunch of them bent when they went in. So getting them out was super unpleasant. But at last it was done and we were free to go!

This show exactly how he feels about his car seat. Two months later its still true. Unless he has fallen asleep in it, he is not a fan. I love those twig legs and long feet.

Following discharge we went to pick up my medication from the pharmacy where some lady gave Ryan a hard time for being out in public with a newborn already. Well, we literally just left the hospital. Haha. Mom just needs her medication!

When we got home, we found Grandma, Devry and Dodger waiting in the front yard, very excited to see us. 

Dodger was the most excited of all. :) He was full of kisses! This is exactly how he has responded with the other two. It's actually a challenge to keep him away at first!

Loving brother - and brother just not having it. Haha! Oh, and can I just saw how strange/awesome it is to come home from the hospital in shorts and short sleeves?! (Everyone else too!)

Love this...

Saturday morning we had Darren's first pediatric checkup. 

He left the hospital at 6 lbs 7 oz. And the next day during his check up he was up to 6 lbs 8 oz. Well done buddy! Keep up the good eating. 

The car ride home was super long - bad traffic on a Saturday afternoon, but we survived! 

I seriously love how alert his is. He has great facial expressions. :) 

So good to be home!